Satellite mapping

Remote Sensing

Mapping using satellite imagery is becoming more detailed, more up to date, more accurate and is now a serious potential replacement of fixed wing aircraft aerial surveys. If you have a mining project you wish to start or expand and require an up to date survey, DTM, map of the mine site and it’s surroundings then we can provide the fixed wing phoptogrammetry and lidar options and also we can provide the alternative satellite based imagery and mapping. We will provide the full details of achievable accuracies and costs so you can decide the most effective route forward for your project.

The advent of mini-sats is also a technology we are watching. The low cost of these systems (constellations of multiple satellites) enable full coverage of the Earth’s surface with rapid repeat survey. This will include daily coverage. The old pattern of having to use imagery that is 6 months or a year out of date will end soon.

High resolution satellite imagery for mapping mining prospect areas

Kompsat 3 satellite – with 50 cm resolution
and revisit time of only 3.5 days

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