Laser Scanning

Laser scanning has matured to the stage where it is difficult to define it as ‘new technology’. But it is constantly evolving and we ensure we test and select the latest developments of scanning and put it to existing and also new and innovative applications in the mining industry.

Underground Applications – There are numerous ways in which laser scanning can benefot mining operations underground.
Rapid hand held scanners are a genuinely new innovation and we have tested this technology to show it works. This will give you hand carried capability to simply walk through the workings and create a laser point cloud of the shape of all drives and stopes. Primary ‘traversed’ control is still need for the correct orientation of the data, but for rapid updates, confirming progress and content for mine acquisition due-diligence for example it cannot be beaten for speed.

Mobile scanning. Just as you will see below scanners can be mounted on vehicles and as many modern mines are designed for vehicle access, the mine can be mapped from a moving vehicle.

Tripod mounted / static methods. This provides higher accuracy and higher density and can be used to survey complex junctions before new drives / shafts or raises are excavated, or before the installation of new equipment. For example train tracks or aerial ropeways or conveyors. We can survey the tunnel, add in the designed equipment and ensure it will fit. If there are any areas of clashes – we can mark up where the extra break out is needed. The laser scanning method can save many thousands of dollars in delays when installing eqquipment in tight spaces. Likewise for the survey of existing shafts where new hardware is being installed. We can analyse clashes and confirm the fit for new gear.

Above Ground Applications – Mobile scanning where we scan from a moving vehicle enables a) rapid survey of workings, b) high accuracy c) good coverage as you can drive to all corners of the site and d) improved safety as you don’t have surveyors with tripods standing in vulnerable locations near moving machinery or at the base of cliffs / slopes / benches.

Static laser scanners can be used for real time slope stability monitoring. These can be remotely operated, even from another country, and can give early warning of movements in a slope.

Airborne Laser Scanning – We refer to this as airborne Lidar, although the laser technology is the same. Please refer to the Mining Surveys Lidar page for information on this application of laser scanning for mining. Or you can visit our specialist lidar website

Faro laser scanner used in historic gold mine - Austria

Underground laser scanning –
European gold mine

Vehicle mounted laser scanner - Morocco

Vehicle mounted laser scanner for mobile
mapping of mineral stockpiles – Phosphate
mine in Morocco

Faro scanner for mining surveys

Laser scanning of indoor phospate
stockpiles for monthly audit – Morocco

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