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Merrett Survey use the latest technology to ensure that our clients receive accurate and fast geospatial information. In open cast mines, using the right technology, such as UAV surveys, airborne LiDAR, mobile or terrestrial laser scanning can provide rapid updates for all open cast mining and quarrying operations. Overburden, slope stability and mineral reserve calculations can be computed with better accuracy using these remote surveying techniques.

Our mining surveyors are responsible for the accurate measurement of areas and volumes mined, plus providing a precise representation of the surface. Terrestrial laser scanning is often used to observe and report on the spatial changes of mining works. High point resolution and high accuracy laser scans allow for precise measurement for monitoring of movements and deformations. We have used vehicle mounted mobile laser scanning systems to observe extremely large sites in order to report on stockpile volumes. This work was previously carried out by traditional survey methods and the reporting was less accurate and took longer to deliver.

Using UAV’s, we can carry out photogrammetric surveys and produce orthorectified georeferenced imagery, as well as Digital Elevation models (DEM’s) – some clients prefer the term DTM (Digital Terrain Model). These DEM’s can be used to derive stockpile volume measurements and to produce topographic maps. UAV surveys can also monitor change over time and provide asset information. Laser scanners can now be mounted on UAV’s, so it is possible to combine aerial imagery with LiDAR data.

Our mining solutions include aerial, terrestrial and underground laser scanning and imaging. We also use total stations, coupled with GNSS for positioning infrastructure. We can provide and advise on software solutions such as CAD and GIS for planning and visualisation. Contact us today for more information.

Rapid mapping of opencast mines using UAV

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