New mine infrastructure – Our survey work has assisted clients in the detailed design of mine access routes via road and rail. Plus informing decisions on the location and design of mine site airfields, ports and loading facilities. Long distance transport of ore via pipeline slurries and conveyor or overhead cable systems will benefit greatly from aerial lidar surveys and ground based surveys for more detailed design.

Existing infrastructure – Are your mine records up to date ? Do you manage your mine via 3D visualisation asset management software ?

Comprehensive surface plans – Surface maps include contours, natural features such as watercourses; all man-made structures: buildings, roads, fixed plant, power lines and substations, water storage facilities and pipelines, ore stockpiles, waste rock dumps, tailings dams, process plant, rail and ship loading facilities and more.

Surveys for Underground Mining Infrastructure –  Our surveys can map all the shafts, declines, crosscuts, ore passes, underground crusher and more.
Merrett Survey can rapidly map underground installations such as shaft stations, ventilation infrastructure – fans and doors, sub-stations, electrical and water distribution networks, workshops, explosives storage areas, underground storage tanks.

By accurately relating above ground surface detail to the underground plans, Merrett Survey can assist with prevention of inadvertent undercutting of installations and unplanned intersection of workings. It is important to know the positions of all points underground relative to every place on surface, particularly for management of emergency situations and rescues.

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