Exploration – We have provided mining clients with area wide lidar to help them plot their geological data, compare the inferred ore body to surface features and to plan infrastructure such as road and rail access. Plus we have set-out and surveyed / coordinated existing borehole locations. Aerial lidar will ‘see’ through tree cover and we can map the true ground shape below forest cover, saving greatly over ground based methods. For more information on this please refer to www.lidar.co.uk

Merrett Survey has experience of measuring the accurate location and extents of historical mine workings in connection with re-opening of workings, or checking their proximity to new developments above and underground. This can done using ‘traditional’ traversing methods or using the latest hand held mobile mapping laser scanners utilised SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). For more information on this please refer to www.laserscanning.com

Coordination of diamond drill cores
for Lead / Zinc exploration programme
in Greenland

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