Case Study - Quarries

Surveying a large quarry used to take a long time, the surveyor would need to conduct the survey on foot, manually surveying individual points before processing the data in the office. Using the MDL vehicle mounted scanning system, we can now drive around the site and survey many kilometers per day, collecting highly accurate and highly detailed data.

Mobile mapping of quarries

Instead of collecting a small number of points per hour as per conventional survey methods, the Dynascan can scan many hectares in the same period, with millions of data points. The system can scan 150m from both sides of the vehicle at a speed of 10km/h.

As the information is collected, the operator can view and check the coverage in real time within the vehicle. The data collected can be meshed (see image - left) and highly accurate volumes can be computed by identifying the base of the stockpile.

We provide surveys for mineral workings of all types. Our experienced surveyors include graduates from the Camborne School of Mines on hand for volumetric surveys, boundary survey, reserve computations and stockpile audits. Our in-house software is specially designed for efficient processing and display of survey data, which can be provided in industry standard formats such as Autocad DXF and DWG, Microstation MX format and shapefiles etc...

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Dynascan System

Dynascan mobile mapping surveys

The Dynascan comprises a pod mounted on the roof of a vehicle that contains motion sensors to remove the effects of pitch and roll of the car and GPS antenna for positioning, a second GPS antenna mounted forward of the pod allows for differential positioning - enabling the vehicle heading to be accurately calculated.

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Case Study - Coastal Monitoring

The Dynascan 3D mobile mapping system is ideal for surveying large coastal stretches and it allows for scanning to be carried out in locations where surveying would normally be impossible. The Dynascan can be mounted on a quad bike (or similar vehicle) and driven along the beach. The mapping data can be particularly useful for updating electronic navigation charts and monitoring coastal erosion.

For surveying inaccessible rock faces, where it is not possible to survey from the shore, the Dynascan unit can be mounted on boat. We can also combine the data with results from an echo-sounder so that the sea-bed can be mapped as well.

Mobile mapping, collecting point cloud data from a quad bike.

The image (left) shows a point cloud collected from a quad bike that was driven along the beach, with a Dynascan unit mounted on a specially constructed frame.

We work worldwide and recently completed a project in Oman where we used a long range terrestrial laser scanner to survey a complex rock face and we combined this data set with bathymetric data from an echo sounder.

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Asset management
Transmission lines
Complete scans of quarries and mines
Pre and post blast comparisons
Coastal mapping
Port and harbour surveys
Feasibility studies
Water courses

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Airborne Laser Scanning - LiDAR

  • In addition to our mobile dynascan system and static terrestrial scanners, we also offer an airborne laser scanning service. Airborne LiDAR was used to provide a rapid and detailed survey to enable the design of a new open pit mine, and it’s access roads in Greenland. For more information on this click here.