Mobile Mapping
Scanning applications

We specialise in rapid mobile laser scanning surveys.
Our Dynascan mobile laser mapping system can be mounted on any vehicle or vessel for rapid mapping of quarries, cliffs, harbours, ports, construction sites and much more. We collect millions of accurate survey points, the 'point cloud' data can be used for a wide variety of applications, including calculating accurate stockpile volumes, in-situ mineral reserves, slope stability studies, quarry and open pit planning.

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Improve efficiency and accuracy
with our high precision mapping

Our 3D mobile mapping system can be mounted onto the back of a vehicle to collect data whilst on the move, enabling huge savings in time and personnel when surveying large areas. The Dynascan LiDAR system contains an integrated INS, RTK GNSS system and high speed laser scanner. The system is lightweight, highly portable and can be mounted on vehicles or vessels to acquire 3D data of topography, urban developments, quarries, open pit mines,overhead utility cables, bridges, dams, harbours, beaches and river banks.

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Stockpile surveys for volume calculations
High accuracy GPS, open cast mining surveys